Portrait Commissions

How to Commission a Portrait

Time. A portrait commission takes time. Time is one of the elements that allows an artist to actually peek into the soul of the subject and bring forth the essence of who they are. I prefer to meet and spend time with the subject of the commission.

Sometimes this may not be possible but that is the goal. I want to capture the likeness and spirit of the subject. For our first meeting I schedule a conversation, via phone or skype. This is just an icebreaker and I will begin to get to know you.

We will schedule a photography session at your convenience. This session can take place in my studio or at your home, office or other location, and will take from one to two hours. Extensive photographic reference material is captured which will allow me to create the painting in my studio.

It is in our clients best interest to accept creative input on wardobe, setting, posing and lighting so we can create the absolute best image possible for your loved one.

Photographs taken during our sessions by Tim ONeill are the property and copyright of the artist. We do utilize the images in a few different ways during the process of creating your heirloom fine art.

The photographs are private and will not be displayed or published without the express written permission of the person in the photograph. In the case of a minor, the express written permission of a parent or guardian.

Portrait Commission Fees

Fees are subject to change. To begin a commission requires a down payment of 50%. The fee structure is locked in at that point for that creation. The balance is due upon delivery of the portrait.

The fees below include only the image created, they do not include additional expenditures such as framing, travel, crating, shipping and handling or sales tax.

  • Travel-when it is necessary to leave home, average lodging and meal expenses are additional.
  • Current sales tax rate for the city and/or county of the delivery address applies to Nebraska residents. (don't you love that?)
  • I work in USA inches, for metric conversion to centimeters simply multiply each dimension by 2.54.
  • Prices listed are for one figure. for each additional figure add 50%.

My normal style is very loose, impressionistic and painterly. If the final place of display is more formal requiring a more detailed background please add 80% to the fees listed below, otherwise the background will be abstract in nature.

Full Length Life Size

$22,000 size requirements discussed

3/4 Length Portrait, detailed hands included




Head and Shoulders




does not include detailed hands, please add 40% for detailed hands

Head Only