A Nebraska Portrait Artist: Tim ONeill Biography

Nebraska portrait artist Tim ONeill began his career as an artist and photographer working in a darkroom lab and processing film for a local company in his high school years. He joined the US Navy in 1979 and was trained as a photojournalist at the US Navy Schools of Photography in Pensacola, FL. Tim finished his Navy career attached the Combat Camera Group at the Atlantic Fleet Audiovisual Command in Norfolk, VA. Since 1979, there have been many different directions of study in fine art, photography and business that Tim has pursued. As a fine art printer and photographer many years were spent printing silver gelatin, various non-silver processes and platinum. Platinum printing remains a favorite of his today. The digital revolution found its way to Tim’s studio in 2002 and breathed new life into his portrait art. Now commissioned mixed media portraits are becoming more and more prevalent with discriminating clients.

Currently Tim is a self employed entrepreneur creating portrait art and growing his brand as well as teaching business and marketing skills to artists in online and offline workshops and seminars. His painting has taken on a new direction and he is working on two book deals and a calendar. A calendar featuring 12 paintings of children angels is being published, a book for artist on using social media marketing, and an instructional book entitled, “Digital Painting for the Artistically Challenged” are in process. On the entrepreneurial side Tim has owned various franchises in several industries including the health and fitness, insurance and securities and automotive industries. Current passionate pursuit is building his online businesses for residual income, painting commissioned portraits and other fine art pieces.

Tim and his wife Allison, have four children ages 24, 21, 10 and 5 as of 2009. The ONeill’s live in North Platte Nebraska.

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